Manufacturing Facility



Recognized Environmental Conditions that warranted more investigation included underground storage tanks (USTs), hydraulic lifts, chemicals and hazardous substances, stained concrete, floor drains, manufacturing concerns, and existing environmental conditions of the property. 

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA)

A Limited Phase II ESA was performed at the property to assess selected Recognized Environmental Conditions. A geophysical investigation was performed to search the property for underground storage tanks (USTs) and hydraulic lifts; four abandoned USTs and one hydraulic lift were identified. Soil and groundwater samples were obtained in several areas and analyzed; laboratory analysis indicated significant impact to both soil and water. Further activities were recommended to characterize the extent of impact.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessment (Phase III ESA)

A Phase III ESA was performed at the property. Four underground storage tanks (USTs) and one hydraulic lift were removed. Soil and groundwater was further assessed to delineate the extent of the contamination.